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Positively an AHA Moment!

Why positive moods produce insights - by Patricia Riddell   While some new insights evolve out of careful and considered planning, many arrive suddenly from a pure, new inspiration – a Eureka moment!  Instantly, you know that the solution will work, and you can start...

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Ripple You, Ripple Me – by Liana Bagworth

Ripples aren't just ice cream flavours!   If I have learned nothing else through my work in Emotional Intelligence, it is the undeniable and measurable fact that we ripple each other through our actions and words as a result of our emotional states. How we feel about...

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How Vital is your Organisation?

Key Findings and Report on the 2017 Vitality Report   Are people in your organisation energised and happy or anxious and stressed? Does it matter? New research offers important insights into people and what drives performance. Six Seconds, our partner and a global...

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