The Neuroscience of Leadership

Cognitive flexibility - tomorrow’s top leadership skill

Two of the most important leadership capabilities are the ability to develop and deploy new strategies and to make difficult choices.

In times of uncertainty and volatility, these abilities increasingly depend on flexibility of thinking – it is important to bring expertise to situations so that previous learning can be deployed, and to think creatively about new possibilities.

In this programme, we have brought together some of the latest findings in Neuroscience to help you maximise your cognitive function. The workshop includes the knowledge of experts in the field of Neuroscience along with interactive exercises and experiences to help you embed this new knowledge in your own practice.

Our aim is to provide you with the skills to develop your own leader’s brain to your full potential.

The research in Neuroscience is beginning to determine the systems in the brain on which different abilities depend. Understanding what happens in the brain when we think flexibly can provide important information to help us use the thinking power to the maximum.


Module 1

How and when to use analytical thinking (slow thinking) and intuition and insight (fast thinking).

Module 2

How we store events and patterns of thought in our brains, and the effect of these on our unconscious behaviour.

Module 3

Explore the role of memory and future thinking in creating strategies. Maximise the use of expertise and creative thinking when developing new strategy.

Module 4

How to create a culture of psychological safety in teams and motivate the workforce to go beyond what is required.


  • Learn how leaders think and what makes the difference at the top level
  • Make meaningful choices by using cognitive flexibility to effectively shift between analytical thinking and intuition and insight
  • Notice when your thinking is being constrained by habits of behaviour or thought and how that disables creativity and proper strategy communication
  • Maximise the use of expertise and creating thinking when developing new strategies
  • Gain tools to unleash the potential for your employees to generate new ideas and flex their own thinking style


  • Interactive exercises

Who will benefit?

  • Leaders who want to know now the leadership skills of tomorrow
  • Leaders who know that at the high level, the difference is not in technicalities
  • Leaders who want to balance and align personal, team and organisational goals
  • Leaders who want to live their legacy and support emerging leaders

Watch our videos with Larisa Sohorca and Professor Patricia Riddell to find out more about the Neuroscience of Leadership:

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