Insight, Connection and Purpose

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The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) is a suite of well validated, effective tests, used globally, that measure Emotional Intelligence. It is unique because it’s not JUST feedback, it delivers a process framework that equips people to actually USE Emotional Intelligence.

The Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence is a three-step process:


  1. Self Awareness – gain insight into yourself
  2. Self Management – be intentional, build connection
  3. Self Direction – Step forward with purpose



Eight specific, learnable, measurable competencies make it work. SEI supports people to use and improve their EQ skills. The model is simple enough to jump in, but sophisticated enough to drive long-term transformation.

Divided into three sections, the model measures the three steps and measures four key success factors, our outcomes:

  • Effectiveness– capacity to generate results
  • Relationships– capacity to build and maintain networks
  • Wellbeing – capacity to maintain optimal energy and functioning
  • Quality of Life– capacity to maintain balance and satisfaction


of these leadership outcomes can be predicted by Emotional Intelligence (Six Seconds)

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