The Neural Net

AI for EQ

Using Artificial Intelligence to put Emotional Intelligence into action…

The EQ Neural Net employs artificial intelligence, powered by two decades of research on Emotional Intelligence, to put EQ into action.

It delivers practical insights and powerful questions to use Emotional Intelligence to increase effectiveness, relationships, quality of life and wellbeing.

Should you focus on your strengths or weaknesses?

The answer is: both!

It turns out, according to Six Seconds’ research creating the artificial intelligence, that growth requires focusing on the right mix of strengths and weaknesses. It’s not necessarily easy or intuitive to see the key ingredients.

The EQ Neural Net creates a holistic view and identifies the factors likely to produce the best results.

What is a Neural Net?

It’s a type of artificial intelligence that learns by quickly testing thousands of scenarios – a much more efficient and accurate process than trial and error.

A Neural Net is different from conventional statistics that average data from large groups of people to create generalised patterns.

It actually generates a predictive model for you by mapping a personalised solution based on your unique profile. This provides clear, objective guidance on how you can leverage your EQ skills.

This model works on predictive statistics, not descriptive. It finds patterns the human mind would not catch. We’re all different, so this tool dives into this person’s profile and scores and comes up with a specific recipe for the specific person at this specific moment in time.”

Tomasso Procicchiani – Six Seconds

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